Crochet Rochelle: Oh My Gosh, It's March

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Oh My Gosh, It's March

Carson, the Yarn Butler
Hey Crochet Rockers!

I can't believe I got so caught up in life and other things that I let the entire month of February go by without a single post. Ah! What sort of crochet rocker does that make me? Not much of one I'm afraid. Oh well. Better luck this month? (Maybe I can tap into some Irish luck.)

I have been busy making, designing, working and raising little boys - I'm just saying. While I was doing that, Mr. Awesome (aka: my husband) was getting his welding certification at work and asking to make me "stuff" at home.

Although I had a few other "honey-do's" in mind, he totally surprised me with this thing-a-ma-jig in February. What in the world is it? I am calling it the Yarn Butler and I have nicknamed it Carson (after Mr. Carson, butler on Downton Abbey - my current favorite addiction).

Mr. Awesome is very proud of his creation. So proud of it that he keeps asking when am I going to feature it on my blog. Part of me wanted to respond: "Hey, it's my blog. Go get your own bloggy-blog and feature your mad welding creations there."

But then I remember how often he cleans up after our boys and I decided silence is golden...or something like that. Mr. Awesome is also looking for feedback. Would you ever use something like this? How about the design? Size? Portability?

Here's another view of the splendid Carson, Yarn Butler extraordinaire.

A front view of Carson.
That's all for now. I'll get back in to the swing of blogging shortly. I've got some new patterns to share and quick references to put up too.

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