Crochet Rochelle: December 2012 Creations

Monday, January 28, 2013

December 2012 Creations

Hey Rockers!

Okay, so I am a little behind in blogging. I have been a busy crochet rocker lately...designing new stuff for Craftown (my day job) and thinking up fun new ideas and patterns for Valentine's Day.

Not to mention coming up with my new team spirit beanie (aka: Superbowl Beanie), which I'll be revealing later this week. And yes...the pattern will be free here just for you! You are welcome.

And now, a review of what I designed in December! These patterns are published at Craftown, free for you to use! Just follow the links.

Color Block Beanie

Simple Ruffle Scarf

Bobble Ear Warmer

I'm sort of (okay totally) proud of how each item turned out. I made several of the Simple Ruffle Scarves for Christmas gifts using Red Heart's Boutique Sashay Yarn and received some nice compliments. But actually working with the Sashay Yarn is not so fun on my fingers and a little tedious although not difficult.

So now you know what I did in December! I'll be adding my new team spirit beanie pattern here this week as my little spoiler message said earlier. And, I'll even try really hard to start blogging more regularly. Or at least semi-regularly. Or at least once a month...

Also, if I haven't said it lately: Thank you Crochet Rockers for reading and following this blog and my Facebook Page. You rock the hook! I appreciate all the crochet love!


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