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Friday, January 4, 2013

Gryffindor Love

Hiya Gryffindor Lovers!

I know I have been MIC (missing in crochet) for awhile...mainly due to a nasty sinus infection that lasted about 60 days. Yeah that's right. A two month sinus infection. Nasty.

Anyhow, it was about all I could do to keep up with work, little boys, making dinner and dragging myself through the holidays. (Yes the sinus infection followed me through Thanksgiving into Christmas. Nice.)

I did manage to mix my love of crochet with all things Gryffindor and Harry Potter just because I could. I came up with these Gryffindor hand warmers using the Red Heart Team Spirit yarn in Red and Gold. The pattern is free and published over at (my day job).

The pattern works up pretty fast and uses a single crochet stitch (pretty basic). I used my own hands as a guide as I wrote the pattern so hand warmers will fit a medium to large adult hand. (My hubby can pull them on, though it's a snug fit.)

Follow the link on the images if you would like to crochet this pattern.

So, with renewed health (sort of - I'm on the healing track now) and renewed spirit and energy I embrace the new year and prepare to delve even deeper into my crochet love with all of you, my crochet rockers!


PS: I will be making more Harry Potter themed items this year...they are just so dang fun!


  1. I am SO excited to make these!!!

  2. Aren't they so much fun? And you can use any Red Heart Team Spirit color combo. I've used blue and orange for BSU too. Share a pic on FB or Ravelry if you want to - I'd love to see how they turn out!


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