Crochet Rochelle: Goodbye 2015, Hello 2016

Friday, January 1, 2016

Goodbye 2015, Hello 2016

2015 brought many changes to my family, my kids, my crochet business and most definitely my blog. I tried to go out on my own and start a freelance writing business. It wasn't a complete failure and I actually made some sweet coin. I neglected my crochet blog because I didn't have time to do both freelancing and blogging well at all. I quickly learned that I am not happy or fulfilled writing for stuffy clients. Yes, the money isn't too bad once you build up a clientele. But if you don't like writing for clients, or dealing with their obsessive nitpicking over word choice (especially when you chose to use correct grammar and they just don't get it)...well it's hard to keep at it day in and day out.

In May of 2015 I decided enough was enough, and closed down my freelance writing business. The fact that my husband and I are raising two growing boys and live somewhere in the middle class meant that I still needed to contribute to the household income. So, I secured a position as a bookkeeper at a local school. That was a wise decision. I have a 20 year banking and bookkeeping background so it's not new territory. And I have the same hours and holidays as my kiddos and a retirement plan - both wins.

Do I regret my foray into freelance writing? Nope! It was a great experience and even better lesson. I do regret staying away from my crochet blog for so long. I hope you didn't lose complete interest. If you did, that's okay too. Maybe I can woo you back in with free patterns and cool tools. Either way, I welcome 2016, recommit to my little blog and feel blessed to be writing again just for me, and you.

Happy 2016 and may the crochet be with you!

Rock the hook,

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