Crochet Rochelle: A la Sascha

Friday, January 16, 2015

A la Sascha

Kant Haken - Dutch Crochet Book
A la Sascha

What is it?
Website and Etsy Pattern Store featuring designs by Sascha Blase

Skill Level
All skill levels represented

Interesting patterns and projects
Unique ideas and themes
Colorful variety of yarns used in image
Lots of free patterns via her site

As Sascha lives in the Netherlands her site is primarily written in the Dutch language. Sascha does a great job of providing an English translation below her native language.
Most of her patterns are for purchase - if you prefer to use only free patterns this might not be your cup of tea.

Site URL:
Etsy URL:
Facebook URL:

I've used a few of Sascha's free patterns and have found them to be easy to follow with clear images.

Rock the hook,

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