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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

I Love Yarn Day

Hey Rock Stars,

So, there's this holiday called I Love Yarn Day...yes, it's a real thing. Seriously. I don't really know much about it, cuz I still consider myself a newbie among crochet bloggers. I know you can participate. I don't know who the I Love Yarn Day people are. I probably should.

I know I love yarn. It helps me not want to hurt people.

Anyway, there's this Craft Yarn Council. They must be pretty popular because I can't get their website to load myself. But if you happen to get past the internet gatekeeper, I'm sure it'll be a pleasant experience. Also, I'm told they have free patterns to browse as well as other swaggy artwork and I Love Yarn Day paraphernalia. If they are anything like the Parks and Rec city council, I'm not sure we can be friends. (I love Leslie Knope too much.) But I'll give them a go.

I Love Yarn Day has it's own Facebook page. They (the yarn council) encourage people to show yarn love by throwing parties, knitting or crocheting in public, supporting local yarn stores (LYS), yarn-bombing and other crazy fiber-themed activities.

So the details are still a little vague for me. What's with I Love Yarn Day? Is it more like Mardi Gras with beads, topless knitters and crochet Jello shots? Or more reserved like Thanksgiving dinner where we all take turns saying which yarn company we are most grateful for and say a blessing for the bounty of sheep?

This year I Love Yarn Day is celebrated Friday, October 11. All day. Let the fiber fiestas commence.  

Rock the hook,

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