Crochet Rochelle: Rapunzel Beanie

Monday, September 16, 2013

Rapunzel Beanie

In honor of my Facebook page reaching 300 fans, the promised new pattern - my Rapunzel Beanie! So here's the scoop - I designed this hat as a special order BSU Princess Rapunzel Beanie. There are quite a few free patterns out there for creating a Rapunzel hat that feature flowers on the hat and down the braids, which is so very cute. But since the special order was for a "BSU princess" I opted for the blue and orange crown instead of flowers. 

You could easily add crochet or fabric flowers to this in order to mimic a "Tangled" Rapunzel version or even add a little bling with glue-on gems, sequins or pretty buttons for embellishment. However you end up creating your Rapunzel Beanie I hope you enjoy this free pattern and I would love to see your results! (Share them with me at my FB page.)

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Skill Level: Easy

Size: Child (Age 4 - 10)

Medium/worsted weight yarn
Hook size I-9 (5.5 mm)
Tapestry needle for weaving in ends

CH - chain
SL ST - slip stitch
SC - Single Crochet
HDC - Half Double Crochet
DC - Double Crochet
Magic Ring: tutorial

4 HDC = 1" across
3 Rows = 1" height

Start your first stitch of each round in the same space as your chain.
Join your round to the first HDC, not your chain.

Chains do not count as stitches.

Magic Ring, chain 1, 10 HDC in ring, join, chain 2
Round 2: Work 2 HDC into each st around, join, chain 2 (20 HDC)
Round 3: [HDC 1, 2 HDC in next] Repeat around, join, chain 2 (30 HDC)
Round 4: [HDC 2, 2 HDC in next] Repeat around, join, chain 2 (40 HDC)
Round 5: [HDC 3, 2 HDC in next] Repeat around, join, chain 2 (50 HDC)
Round 6: [HDC 4, 2 HDC in next] Repeat around, join, chain 2 (60 HDC)
Round 7: [HDC 11, 2 HDC in next] Repeat around, join, chain 2 (65 HDC)
Round 8 – 18: HDC in each stitch around, join, (65 HDC)
Round 19: [Skip 2 spaces, DC 5 in the next space, skip 2 spaces, SC] Repeat around. You'll reach the end of the round with 4 spaces left. SC 4 to end of round, join. (10 shells)
Fasten off and weave in ends.

Braids (Repeat for each side.)
Cut 30 strands of yarn, approximately 36 - 48" depending on how long you want your braids. Fold your beanie in half (making sure last 4 scs from Round 19 are at the back of your hat), and mark the sides of your hat (3rd and 8th shells on my beanie). 

Take 2 strands, fold in half and pull a loop through each space, then feed the tails of the 2 strands through the loop and pull loop snug. (Now you should have 4 yarn tails to work with). Repeat this in each space for 15 spaces on each side of beanie. For a thicker braid use more strands per space. (See image for how I attached my strands to the beanie.)

Separate yarn into three sections and begin braiding. Tie a piece of yarn or very small rubberband around braid to end. Trim off excess yarn for an even look. 

And now...

My son modeling the Rapunzel Beanie (because I don't have daughters). I told him he was Legolas, archer prince of the Elves. He was cool with it. He is 4. (i.e. very gullible.)

Rock the hook.

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