Sunday, August 19, 2012

Hearts Barefoot Sandals

Hey Rockers,

This pattern has been updated/edited to be a little easier to follow and create. I've also created a YouTube video to go along with the changes in hopes that it will also be an aide to creating the pattern.
I am sharing my first pattern of the site and I think they turned out adorable!

August is half way over, but I couldn't help creating a pair of Barefoot Sandals with Hearts!

I hope you enjoy creating your own pair as much as I enjoyed creating this simple beginner's crochet pattern. If you need any help with the pattern please send me an email via the Contact page and I'll do my best to get back to you promptly.

Hearts Barefoot Sandals

Level: Beginner

Hook: G/4.25

Materials: Caron Simply Soft (any color)

CH = chain
HDC = half double crochet
DC = double crochet
MR = magic ring (tutorial here
SL ST = slip stitch

Pattern: (Make two)

Heart #1: Start with a MR, ch 2, dc 3, hdc 3, dc, ch 15. Sl st to first chain to form toe loop. Hdc 3, dc 3, ch 2, sl st to magic ring. Pull magic ring tight.
Break yarn, weave ends.

Heart #2: Start with a MR, ch 2, dc 3, hdc 3, dc, sl st to center of Heart #1 (opposite of toe loop, see image for position), hdc 3, dc 3, ch 2, sl st to MR. Pull magic ring tight.
Break yarn, weave ends.

(Heart #3: Optional. Repeat instructions for Heart #2 if you would like 3 hearts for your barefoot sandals.)

Ankle Strap: Ch 50, sl st to back of Heart #2. Ch 50 to finish second half of ankle strap. (See images below for reference.)

And now...for my first ever video tutorial to help you create this pattern. I'm having a little trouble embedding the video here in the blog post, so here is the link to access it on YouTube. I'll keep working at it to get it fixed.

Crochet Hearts Barefoot Sandals Tutorial -

Note: For extra length on the ankle straps increase the number of chains. For example, if you want the straps to wrap around ankle twice ch 100, instead of ch 50 as instructed above. This pattern is very adaptable. You can add hearts for different feet sizes or subtract hearts for kids' sizes.

Enjoy your pretty summer feet!