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Monday, June 2, 2014

News Worthy

Hey Rockers!

I've got big news to share with you! I was invited to be the featured designer of the June Issue for Entwine Crochet Magazine. How awesome is that? So here's my little plug for this up and coming digital publication that brings you new patterns every month for a very affordable subscription price.

And my pattern in the June Issue is the Easy Breezy Swimsuit Cover Up, which I am extremely proud of. Also, some of you who know me personally may recognize the adorable model who also happens to be the daughter of my wonderful friend and next door neighbor! Nice huh?

She (Miss B) was so patient with my hubby as he snapped picture after picture in all sorts of strange contorted poses in an effort to show off the pattern and hide her knee brace. All in all, after approximately 125 images taken, we ended up with several great photos.

So that's the news for now. Stay tuned on Wednesday when I'll publish my new free pattern right here! Stick around and browse, or check back later - either way don't forget to "rock the hook" with me!


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