Crochet Rochelle: Shamrock Headband Pattern

Friday, March 11, 2016

Shamrock Headband Pattern

Skill Level: Easy

Worsted yarn in various shades of green
US Hook size I/5.50mm
Tapestry needle

Gauge: not needed

CH = chain
DC = double crochet
TRC = triple crochet
SL ST = slip stitch
MR = Magic Ring

Head Sizes:
Baby = 14 – 16”
Toddler = 16 – 18”
Child = 18 – 20”
Teen = 20 – 21”
Adult = 21 – 22”
*These are average sizes. It’s best to measure the head for whom you are making the headband, if possible.


Leaving a 6 – 8” tail, make a chain with ch stitch for your desired length, break yarn, leaving a 6 – 8” tail.
Change color and repeat Step 1.
Align two chain lengths and knot together at each end. Do not trim.
Slide strands through shamrock loops for a festive headband or ponytail wrap.

Shamrocks: (Make 2 – 3)
Start with a Magic Ring.
In your MR, [ch 3, trc, dc, trc, ch 3, sl st to MR] repeat 3 times. Ch 5, sl st to opposite side of MR. Pull MR snug. You should have 4 clover leaves and a small loop on back (to thread headband through). Break yarn, weave ends.

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