Crochet Rochelle: July 2013

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Visor Love

Hey Rockers!

Long time no blog. I get it. That so doesn't rock. How will you know about all my rockin' patterns and adventures in crochet if I don't blog em? Nuff Said.

I'm on a visor kick. After searching Ravelry, for what seemed like an eternity, I could not locate a crocheted visor to love. Never one to be easily deterred, I took visor matters into my own hands and created these. 

Sweet Baby Visor

They rock. Kind of. Well as much as visors can rock, I guess. My boys loved them. So there's that. 

Summer Visor

Top 10 Things to love about crocheted visors:
  1. Visors are light weight.
  2. Visors are sporty.
  3. Visors are useful - shade and what not.
  4. Visors are great stash busters.
  5. Visors make great stocking stuffers - they might.
  6. Visors are trendy, kind of.
  7. Visors are cute on small children.
  8. Visors are cute on old ladies playing golf.
  9. Visors are for the brave.
  10. Visors show off your locks.
Now, you too may join me in visor love and bliss. And enjoy the shade from your new visor. Your eyes will thank you. I dare you to crochet a set of matching visors for you and your kids, babies, husbands and grandmothers.

Rock the hook.


Don't forget to rock with me over at my Facebook Page and on Ravelry.
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