Crochet Rochelle: Shamrock Barefoot Sandals

Friday, March 14, 2014

Shamrock Barefoot Sandals

Hey Rockers! 

I am loving the sunshine and breeze right out my front door. It makes me want spring to be just get here already! That's probably what inspired me to come up with this new barefoot sandals pattern featuring a lucky little Shamrock - that and the fact that my bestie wore sandals to dinner the other night. 

I was like "oh no, you didn't!" And she was like "oh yes I did!" She's totally a summer girl. Anyway, on to the pattern. If it's too cold to enjoy these for St. Patrick's Day, save them for summer or...wear them on your hands as funky, whimsical bracelet-ring things.

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Skill Level: Easy to Intermediate

Worsted yarn
US Hook size I/5.50mm
Tapestry needle

Gauge: not needed

CH = chain
DC = double crochet
TRC = triple crochet
SL ST = slip stitch
MR = Magic Ring (tutorial here)

Instructions: (Make two.)

Start with a Magic Ring.
In your MR, [ch 3, trc, dc, trc, ch 3, sl st to MR] repeat 3 times. Ch 15, sl st to MR. Pull MR snug. You should have 4 clover leaves and one toe loop. Break yarn, weave ends. 

If you would like to add a second shamrock (which works best for women's feet size 8 and up) crochet a second shamrock connecting it to the first one at the two leaves as in the picture, via slip stitch. Or, crochet a second shamrock separately and then connect the two using yarn and a yarn or tapestry needle to sew the two together. 

Ankle Straps: Ch 50, sl st to the back of shamrock, opposite of toe loop, ch 50. Break yarn, trim ends.

If you would like the pattern for a baby or kids pair of Shamrock Barefoot Sandals you can find my version over at Craftown!

Baby & Kids Barefoot Sandals

May the luck of the Irish be with You!


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  1. I have a question. With the hearts and barefoot sandles.....why do u have us break yarn and make them separate? These are completely symmetrical and can be made all at once with out stopping. Down one side...half the toe loop and then the other half of the toe loop and back up to the top? Do u understand what I mean? I was taught crochet shouldn't stop n start unless it has too. And I hardly ever see anyone teach others to do this.

    1. Kaytee, that's a great question. I have tried in the past to write patterns the way you mention, made all at once, down one side then the other...And I got so many comments and questions saying the pattern just didn't make any sense. I finally started creating the pattern to be worked in sections. I'm just glad someone else sees it the way I did. (I still work them all in one piece when I make them for friends.)


  2. The photo for this shows 2 shamrocks for the adult pattern, but your instructions only give the pattern with 1. Am I missing something?

    1. Alanna, I have found that one shamrock does fit kids - adult (Small) sized feet. For women's size 8 and up two shamrocks will lay nicely along the top of the foot. Simply crochet another shamrock and attach it to the first one at two points on the leaves as in the image. I'll edit to clarify the pattern above. Thanks for the insightful comment.

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