...to my little crochet corner of the internet!

Yes, I am just one of a gazillion crochet blogs on the internet and about now you are thinking "Crazy crochet lady, why should I read, follow or bother with your blog?"

Great question! (I really have no clue why you should.) I am going to do my best to provide you with resources, reviews, patterns and information - all about crochet, from my perspective.

Keep it simple sweetie!

That's my promise to you. I'll keep posts and patterns as simple as I can. And if I am going to throw you a curve ball and post something really "out-there" in terms of difficulty or just plain weird, I'll warn you. There. Now you have a head's up.

I love yarn hoarding, color and crochet hooks. Sometimes I buy yarn, not because I have a project in mind, but just because I worry that I won't be able to find that color next time. My husband says I need help. I am a busy wife and mommy, and I question my sanity at least once a day. I crochet so that I don't kill anyone.

Sometimes, I go off the hook...

And create girly stuff and buy tons of pink yarn. And when I get home, my husband just shakes his head and says "You know we aren't having any more kids right?" Then, I scour my 7 year-old's class for pint size models because he refuses to wear pink hats. I did get him to model my Rapunzel Hat...I told him it was a Legolas hat from LOTR. Genius. I also crochet a lot of pink baby gifts...just to get my girl fix.

That's the basics. I created this blog to keep track of my crochet designs, things I learn and feel compelled to share and...my love of crochet. And so my new friend...

Rock the hook.

Got a question? Email me! crochetrochelle@gmail.com


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